About Direct2florist

About Direct2florist

Providing value and control when sending flowers

Family-owned Direct2florist has offered a revolutionary new way to send flowers, ever since it was founded in February 2007.

Designed to put you in direct contact with professional florist shops, wherever you want to have your flowers delivered in the world, Direct2Florist was established after its owners – a family who ran florist shops in the North of England – grew tired of providing poor value for money to customers simply because the likes of Interflora, eflorist and Flowers Direct had decided to take a chunk of money from every order as commission. Rather than just allowing this to continue, they set up florist2florist, a network of like-minded independent florists who could send orders to each other delivery in the UK, without the customer losing any of their order value.

As the business grew, with customers loving the bigger, better bouquets they were receiving because the florist was receiving 100% of the order value, customers started asking for a website that allowed orders to be placed online, directly with the shop that would be delivering the flowers. As a result, Direct2florist was born, growing rapidly ever since with 3,500 florists in 14 countries all working to the Direct2florist philosophy of offering:

  • Value for money - 100% of the flower value of an order goes to the delivering florist, resulting in a bigger, better delivered product.

  • Florists the ability to be individual by offering their own creative products.

  • The opportunity for customers to select a particular shop based on information in the website entry, including a photograph of the shop giving the distance from the delivery address together with the prices and photos of the designs they produce.

  • The ability to deal directly with an actual local florist, at whatever time suits you via the internet.

  • The promise that the only other charge you will ever pay with Direct2florist is the transmission fee, which is a contribution to website operation and promotion.

Star ratings from customers like you

There’s no better way to ensure a florist offers the best possible service and quality every time than asking customers to rate them. That’s why, every time you place an order you’ll be asked to rate your chosen florist out of five and leave a comment. The results are posted in full public view on the florist’s page on direct2florist.co.nz meaning the florist will want the rating to be as good as possible.

Direct2florist – the different way of doing business

Direct2florist’s is very different from all the other “floral order gathering” services and organisations. They set the same prices for all florists in a country, regardless of regional differences in price, with prices having to be set high to cover off every florist. To make matters worse, as little as 60% of the total amount spent by you, the customer, goes to the shop delivering the flowers after a commission is taken out.

Direct2florist doesn’t and never will take commission; ensuring customers receive better value for money and a better service, with florists allowing to set their own prices, further helping the crusade to offer better value for money.